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Creating a demo like a pro

Have you ever came across a scenario where you have to show a canned demo to a Client ? If so, you will know how difficult it is. Here’s my two cents on this topic. Why should I care about the presentation so much ? There are many literature available on how presentation is very much important for making the right impact (I didn’t mean the “Powerpoint Presentation”). You would have heard of the rehearsals that Steve Jobs used to do...

OzAsia Festival Announces 2022 Program

OzAsia Festival Artistic Director Annette Shun Wah: "I loved the way OzAsia Festival audiences embraced our program last year. With borders open this year we offer even more exceptional, meaningful, and enthralling works of creativity and artistry, putting Asian and Asian Australian perspectives, imaginations, and ideas firmly at the centre of this unique festival. Join us for three weeks of wonder, beauty, magic, and stories that will warm your heart and fill minds and stomachs in the most satisfying ways."

Cybercrime Squad issue warning after more than $2 million stolen under ‘Hi Mum’ scam

Cybercrime Squad detectives are reminding mobile phone users to remain vigilant, after a spike in reports by victims of an emerging scam dubbed the ‘Hi Mum’ scam. The scam involves the offender sending a text message from an unknown mobile phone number to a person on a messaging application claiming to be their son or daughter. The message will state they’ve lost their phone, telling the victim they’re sending from their new number and to delete the old number. Once the victim...

$80-million worth cannabis seized near Parkes

More than $80-million worth of cannabis plants have been seized by police following a five-month investigation into cannabis cultivation near Parkes. In March 2022, detectives attached to Central West Police District commenced Strike Force Burria to investigate commercial cannabis cultivation in the state’s west. Following extensive inquiries, strike force investigators attended a rural property at Trundle – about 53km north-west of Parkes – on August 3,August 2022). Upon police arrival, several people fled the property into nearby bushland, officers were unable to...