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Batch 2013: A Motivational thriller by Hardeep Grewal

Batch 2013 is a motivational story about a young boy Nihal and his journey from an aimless individual to a reputed police officer who was later assigned the responsibility to train a special squad of policemen under the name of “Batch 2013”.

The movie line is quite different from a mainstream Punjabi movie. It is not a regular melodrama or romantic sequel. It is about self-realisation of a person about his life and goals. Batch 2013 is an inspirational movie for those who give up easily and get affected by daunting circumstances in life.

Nihal is the main character in the movie who throughout his young age remained a carefree person with hardly any goal in life expect marrying the girl whom he likes, until something hits his mind, and he promises himself to work hard to secure a job for himself and add significance to his life.

Directed by Garry Khatrao, Batch 2013 is featuring Hardeep Grewal. Hardeep has always surprised his fans with his various avatars in movies and his body transformation has also caught attention.

You will see Nihal’s complete physical transformation from a foodie having a big belly to his rocking physique.

Be its bulked-up physique as he appeared in the first half of Batch 2013 or his perfect look as a police officer in the second half, Hardeep has transformed his body aptly for both the roles.

 Batch 2013 is a heavy dose of motivation throughout its runtime.



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