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The old saying “Sleep is for the dead” has proven untrue now!

Now, it is time to investigate 3rd vertex of health Triangle which cannot be ignored. Without “this thing” a living being will not be able to survive for a long and that thing is SLEEP.

Everyone needs to recharge their bodies after a hard day of work. Sleep is the time when actual building process takes place. With our days work our body spend the energy and face so may stresses which takes toll physically or mentally.

Sleep is such a vast and complex phenomenon that science is still trying to decode how the sleep works. Recent studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences. Dizziness, mind fog and drowsiness are immediate effects. Whereas long term effects can be more damaging like High BP and diabetes.

Our body has evolved in line with sunlight over the centuries, as rest of the nature. This is rhythm is called circadian-rhythm – as the sun rises our bodily function begin to activate and when the sun goes down it gives our body an indication to settle down for sleep and recover.

The shift workers like nurses, doctors, and trains drivers etc. are at the greatest risk because their circadian rhythm is totally out of whack.

There are few things, out of many, which people can action to look after their sleep.

  • Get some sun direct in the morning for 10 minutes.
  • Do some exercise in the day.
  • Fix the time of sleep every night.
  • Finish the dinner 2 hours before you go to bed.
  • No phone in the bed keep it at an arm’s length at the least, best if out of the room.
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Vik Singh Dogra
Vik Singh Dogra
CTNC – ITN USA, Adv. Diabetes Educator – Indo-Vietnam Medical board.


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