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From Ramp walk to silver screen : Mansee fulfils her dream

From being nominated as the ‘Model of the Year – Mrs.’ In 2020, Mansee Sharma is looking for a full-fledged acting career in 2021 after her collaboration with Punjabi film industry. Dave Sidhu from Sydney is launching Mansee Sharma in his upcoming Project.

Dreams do come true and this is apt to say when we talk about Mansee Sharma, a model and an actress from Bareilly – a small town in India.

Life isn’t just about where you are, it is as much about the distance you have travelled. Born and Brought up in Bareilly, Mansee has came a long way. She has managed to work in India and internationally, with a few initial hiccups.

She took the first step towards modelling after finishing her secondary school and after that there was no looking back.

Sharing her experiences of working in fashion industry Mansee says, “Fashion and music has always fascinated me. While growing up, I loved dancing and dressing up. At school, I have won many dance competitions and that was where my love and passion for dance, music and fashion started.”

Photo Credit : Sumit Pal Singh

Mansee says that her family has played a major role in shaping her career as a model and as an actress.

“My family is very supportive and that definitely has given me more confidence and freedom to follow my dreams. My parents have always encouraged me to follow my passion and gave wings to my dreams. In fact, it was my dad who brought me the form for the first ever beauty pageant shows in Bareilly where I participated and was adjudged as a winner of a title.”

Mansee moved to higher level within a year and won the title of “Miss Cat Walk” at a state level competition. This gave a boost to her confidence and she won many titles along the way.

Speaking about the modelling career Mansee says, “Though there were not many modeling options available that time, but I availed whatever opportunity came my way. Modelling gave me independence, it changed me and helped me to evolve as a person,”

Adding further, she says, “Modelling has undergone a sea change from the time I started my career into this profession. Modelling now has become a lot more structured and organised in India and the situation has become a lot better as now people are taking it up as a mainstream career option”

Photo Credit : Sumit Pal Singh

Her dreams took flight with the “Miss College 2007 Competition” – a beauty pageant organized by Grahshobha- a popular India magazine. It was an intense interstate competition, where Mansee took home the crown.

Not only she was adjudged the winner of the ‘Miss College’ title by the judges but also won the audience poll and public voting done on Radio Mirchi channel.

After that many opportunities came knowing her door and she participated in many ramp walks and shows throughout India

Mansee became the brand face of the ‘Mega Model Hunt’ after winning their 2007 contest.

After migrating to Australia in 2008, Mansee continued to pursue her career in modelling and fashion industry. InAustralia, Mansee has participated in many ramp walks and has also been the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ on various occasions.

To chase her dreams and to give a new direction to her modelling career, Mansee travelled back to Mumbai in 2010 and joined a renowned acting school to hone her acting skills.

With a polished skill set and a satchel of experience, Mansee returned to Australia with new commitment towards her career.

“You always need to enhance your skills and that was the reason I went back to Mumbai and joined an acting school. Modelling career is not limited to just ramp walks, but you can get enormous acting projects in feature films, music videos, short film, dramas etc. I wanted to explore more career opportunities, so I did a course in acting from Mumbai which helped me to evolve my overall acting skills.”

Photo Credit : Sumit Pal Singh

In 2013, Mansee won the title of ‘Miss Photogenic’ which was followed by a debut in her first Punjabi music video in 2015. She was the brand Ambassador Ms/Mrs. Punjaban Australia’ the same year.

In 2018, a Sydney-based pageant ‘Indian-Australian Super Mom’ was on the hunt for the perfect blend of beauty and brain. Women from all over Australia participated in the contest and after three days of vigorous training, talent round, overall personality checks, Mansee’s charm captivated the judges and won her the crown and the title of ‘Most Talented’.

“It was a great experience. Participating in Indian- Australian Super Mom’ competition gave me more confidence and opened doors for more opportunities. I became an active member of the community as the AFL (Australian Football League) Ambassador & Community Ambassador of ACHRH (Australasian Centre for Human Rights & Health),” added Mansee.

Mansee has walked the ramp for a myriad of designers and in 2020 was nominated as the ‘Model of the Year – Mrs.’ by the Indian Fashion and Media Awards held in Australia.

From walking ramps to judging beauty pageants, Mansee’s career growth came in the form of acting. Offers poured in and at the start of 2021, she collaborated with the Punjabi industry to showcase her acting skills in several projects which includes music videos and a recently finished short film ‘Lockdown’ which is pending release.



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