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What can I do as exercise?

It is time to deep dive into each aspect of our Health triangle made of Food-Sleep-Exercise.

Let me put some emphasis on why we should be focused on healthy choices. Simple reason is we want to “Live longer NOT die longer”. Try and imagine the last decade of your life, how would you like to spend it, lying frail and sick in the bed or still enjoying the thing we do today?

Whenever someone try to change the lifestyle first thing, they would do is to include some sort of exercise into their routine. Now, exercising motivates people to eat less or no junk and processed food. Also, it leads to better sleep which in turn get us to lead a healthy life.

Next first question one should ask is what can I do as exercise? 

The answer will depend upon your current state of health and personal medical history.

For beginners who never have been involved with any exercise can just start with light exercise like walking, brisk walking, light weights training.

For intermediate who been doing some following structured programmed exercise and can use some variation to break the plateau.

For advanced athletes they must be under some coach or mentor to make sure they are following the right path to their desired goal.

There are many approaches to exercise but following are the two approaches I use with multiple variations according to the goal desired by the person.

  1. All out – 100% effort on heaviest load (weight) or sprinting to death(virtually)
  2. Minimalistic – what is the minimum thing you can do to stay where you are or do better.
  3. All out is more for professional people who are striving to achieve a particular goal or competing at very high level of sport.
  4. Minimalistic approach is for everyday Joe who have family, kids, job and other responsibilities. They have to squeeze time for exercise.

In next bite we will dive deeper into fitness protocols.

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Vik Singh Dogra
Vik Singh Dogra
CTNC – ITN USA, Adv. Diabetes Educator – Indo-Vietnam Medical board.


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