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Journey towards health by considering food first.

Continuing from our previous article let us begin our journey towards health by considering food first.

Once you start to look for good food regimes you will find that there are many camps around food choices for example Vegetarians/ Vegans/ Carnivores or Omnivores etc. and different dieting styles like Ketogenic, Mediterranean, and Low glycemic diet etc.  at least I can count 150 types of different diet styles exist.

Everyone is unique and the personal needs will depend upon goal one has decided as destination. A food habit or routine can be very beneficial to one person and can be exact opposite for someone else. Every diet has it pro and cons.

Food science is ever evolving but still must be some basic rules to follow and keep our lifestyle healthy.

Personally, I never tell people to follow any diet because if you are once “on Diet” you will be “off Diet” and then back to unhealthy choices and regain the weight you were trying hard to shed off. Our goal should be learning to control the lifestyle not just follow any diet blindly.

So here are a few adhere to very basic rules of food habits. Which can make anyone’s life easier.

  1. Eat only when you are hungry.
  2. DO NOT USE industrial oils to cook your food (seed oils- sunflower/canola/ groundnut/ rice bran etc.) instead use the good oils like extra virgin Olive oil/Ghee/ Butter etc.
  3. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.
  4. First meal you have in the day is your Breakfast (breaking the night long or longer fast).
  5. Eat the whole food and avoid the packed and processed food like bread, cereal breakfast juice etc.
  6. Finish your dinner about 2 hours before going to bed.
  7. Do the intermittent fasting (start small 12 hours will do)

More processed and carbs heavy diet you take, more cravings you will feel. That starts the mindless eating.

We will discuss more in coming episodes and dissect deeper into food habits and other areas of healthy lifestyle.

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Vik Singh Dogra
Vik Singh Dogra
CTNC – ITN USA, Adv. Diabetes Educator – Indo-Vietnam Medical board.


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