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Residents furious at Marsden park precinct plan

As the new names and proposed boundaries list for the Blacktown Council is out, it has led to dismay and has sparked a debate among the residents of the new proposed Lynch suburb.

The new suburbs have been created alongside the existing suburbs of Colebee, Marsden Park, Schofields, Shanes Park, Riverstone, Rouse Hill and Vineyard, while the new suburbs will be named Melonba, Lynch, Angus, Richards, Kwigan, Wran and Grevillea Grove.

Where some felt duped and mislead, others are anxious as how this decision of creating the new suburb by the council will affect their future as a resident of that area.

Elara Estate within the Marsden Park has also been divided and “area two”, will now be named Lynch.

The residents of this newly proposed suburb are genuinely concerned as they unanimously claim that they signed their contract with developer and were even paying rate to the Council as Marsden park residents and were never informed about the proposed amendments.

Most of the future residents of this suburb are ‘First home buyers’ and   they unitedly said that they bought the land in Stockland Elara driven by the fact that they will have all the basic amenities in their own suburb, but with this decision of the council the new suburb will be left with only a retirement village and a park.

The Elara Estate Community page and the Elara Estate Whatsapp group are flooding with debates and messages over this decision and people are strongly opposing this move.

Kalpesh Pandya , one of the future residents of  the area said, “ We were misled by the developers as when  we bought the land  we paid to live in a  premium suburb of Marsden park which will include all the facilities but as of now  the new marked boundary has come up and  all the shops , schools , medical centers  come in Marsden Park whereas the new proposed suburb of Lynch is left only with a public Park and a retirement village.”

Whereas Arpan Baxi, another future resident who has started a petition ‘KEEP WHOLE “ELARA” IN MARSDEN PARK (16-14-1- KEEP “ELARA” IN MARSDEN PARK;’ on this new proposed boundary said, “We just don’t understand why they want to separate the Elara community. It is not that big area and there is only a small road separating both the parts. When we bought the land, we were unaware of anything like this; otherwise we would have bought the land on the other side of the road which is still in Marsden Park.”

“Most of the people who have bought the  land or house and land packages  here are ‘First Home Buyers’ and  we all have invested so much  of money only to live in a suburb with all the facilities. We want the council to reconsider the boundaries. It is now a fight for identity, we bought our lands in Marsden Park and it is where we want to live,” added Arpan

“As we have started the petition, more and more people are joining us which means they are also not in favor of this division.”

“Further  adding to our resentment is the name of the suburb  as the three names proposed for area two were Francis, Clydesdale Farm and Lang, Lynch had not been proposed by the council for area two but noted as an option for area four,” adds Arpan.

The residents are signing the petition  and are requesting the boundary variation outlined as Suburb Area 2 – namely the Stockland Elara community – be reconsidered inclusive of Suburb Area 3 as a whole and not only the left side of the Elara Boulevard  (retaining Marsden Park as its suburb name and not Lynch).

The Council has reason for this new division and rename process, attributing the change to the soaring population.

“The population of this area is soaring and in the next 10-15 years we are hopeful that the population of this area will touch 200,000 marks. As the population will increase it will be difficult for the government to manage, so we want smaller administratively feasible units and hence the proposal of new suburbs came up,” said Moninder Singh Councilor of Blacktown.

“When this proposal was initiated, extensive consultation was made. We received many suggestions through different channels, and most of those suggestions have been considered and accommodated. After a response from more than 5800 people, the suburb boundaries were adjusted accordingly, “Councilor added.

Even though Council is only a recommending body and it is the Geographical Names Board which makes the final naming decision in this matter.

This fight for identity is getting fierce and the residents on the other side are putting all their efforts to get their identity back.



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