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Shooting at Indian business irks local community of Harris Park

The repetitive attacks on the Indian Businesses at Harris Park-known as Little India, has raised discontentment among the Indian Diaspora.

On August 25, 2015 a gunman shot fire at Billu’s eatery-one of the prominent restaurants at Harris Park.

Indian Australian community as well as the businesses at Harris Park is equally concerned about such attacks.

Investigations continue into the attack and the police are appealing the locals to come forward and help police to identify the gunman.

In view of this ongoing situation, a meeting was organized on the night of August 26, 2015 at Harris Park wherein police, Local MP of Parramatta and Indian community people discussed various things related to the safety and security of the place.

Speaking exclusively to Public Telegraph, Superintendent Wayne Cox of Parramatta Police, who is investigating the matter said, “We are working here with the Indian community in Harris Park and that is really a positive thing.  The best thing we can possibly do is to work with community and encourage the community to come forward with any information they may believe could lead to any of the investigation.”

Mohit Kumar, Vice President of Council of Indian Australian Inc said, “The message for the community is that the authorities are on it and they are doing whatever they can. Authorities are putting lot of resources into this matter. They are doing every effort to restore the vibrancy of the area but in return what they want is co- operation from the community.”

“Team effort is required in solving this matter. Without the co-operation from community it will be very difficult for the authorities to work on this matter and solve it at the earliest.”

Geoff Lee, MP from Parramatta assured the community about the security of the place and said that they will offer full support of NSW government to the local police to solve this incidence.

He further added that government will provide every resource to local law and order establishment to set up a task force.

In his closing statement he emphasized on community togetherness.



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