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Tacking relationship issues through hypnotherapy : Dr Raahul Dutta

Men and women relationship has always remained a subject of debate with hardly anyone finding a reason as to what changes a couple aims before getting into wedlock to cope up with the issues arising after marriage.

Instances are galore where couples enjoy healthy and cheerful relationship before getting married but scenario changes soon after with regard to compatibility and connects in emotional chord. The post marital issues or discords can be tackled differently but hypnotherapy has emerged as one of the effective measures to deal with several emotional, psychological and physical problems.

As more and more people are getting into emotional stress, trauma, depression, anxiety apart from physical ailments, Dr Raahul Dutta, a renowned medico with his entire lot of patients, is using hypnosis skills to address to the various issues ranging from stress, anxiety , physical problems , psychological problems  to marital issues. The motivation is to make this world a better place to live in without using drugs. Though for some ailments medicine is recommended yet Dr Dutta says that the root cause of all problems lies in mind.

Dr Raahul  S Dutta, started his professional odyssey after completing his MBBS in 2002. After that he kept looking for the possibilities about shaping his career in the field of medicine. In this struggle, he came across a hypnotherapist and made up his mind to give it a try.

“I was quite impressed with hypnotherapy; so made up my mind to give it a try. I had protein allergy from my childhood, so I took a session of one hour and my protein allergy was totally gone”, Dr Dutta said while dwelling upon his initial years of career building.

“Many people ask me as to why I chose hypnotherapy; I tell them that  the best thing about it is that you can heal yourself.  There are so many instances, where we say why it happened to me, why this or that, – hypnotherapy has an answer to all these questions. You can also do self hypnosis and find for yourself as to what has gone wrong and find out answers to your problems. So, the best thing about hypnotherapy is that you can heal your mind, your body and that too without medication”, Dr Dutta said in an informal chat while discussing case studies of his patients.

Having an inclination towards drugless forms of therapies, Dr Dutta specialized in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Chinese Acupuncture, Aura Photography and various other therapeutic modalities.

“You have to believe in hypnotherapy as it is all about working with your mind, so if your mind will believe, only then we can achieve good results”, he observed.

Sharing one of his experiences, Dr Dutta said, “Once a patient with brain tumor came to me and asked me if I can help her. I told her to go to Neurosurgeon as I had never heard of any such treatment for a tumor before. But then she asked me if I was sure that hypnotherapy won’t help her. I wanted to say ‘no’ but could not even do that. Her inquisitiveness changed my mind and I started her treatment. After nine months down the line hypnotherapy sessions, when she got her MRI done, the tumor had shrunk to 1/10th of its original size. That came as a surprise to me, but then there was a feeling of accomplishment as well”, he said with a spark in his eyes.

“She then went to Neurosurgeon who suggested that there was no need for any surgery”, he said adding that is how he has seen miracles happening through hypnotherapy.

“Everything in mind starts from a thought, that thought affects our emotion, that emotion affects your energy and then that energy affects your body”.

Dr Dutta says that most of the problems are related to mind, as something or other always keeps running in the mind but sometimes those thoughts remain suppressed. There might be other problems which come from childhood or even beyond that, like they may be related to the past life or past lives.

“Through hypnotherapy we try to concentrate on the subconscious mind and reach the root cause, so once you can find where the problem is coming from, then whether it is physical, emotional, psychological we can help with that. I strongly believe that once you are willing for hypnosis, rest of the road is pretty easy.”

“Many people come to us with relationship issues. There are many reasons from being incompatible to being different but the main thing in a relationship is communication and if there is effective communication that will take the relationship ahead. “

Dr Dutta added, “Many couples come for counselling sessions, and the first thing we make them understand is about different sorts of people. There are two sort of people, head rule people and heart rule people. Head ruled people think a lot, analyze a lot, logic a lot, they want to remain in control, they can handle emotions very well and mostly they are career oriented. On the other hand, heart rule people feel a lot, they are impulsive and can’t handle emotions well.  When someone with relationship issues comes to us, we sit with them for an hour and make them understand these things.”

Further explaining he said, “In therapeutic language we call it suggestibility concept and there are people who are physical suggestible (heart rule people) and people who are emotional suggestible (head ruled people), so we explain to them these things. Once explained, we take them for individual sessions and during those sessions we get to know varied range of emotions from them, which definitely help them to feel better after the session, as they speak their heart out and also share the things which are in their subconscious mind. So once those toxic thoughts are out, the patient feels better.”

Citing example about the things which generally harm a relationship, Dr Dutta said, “There are many other things which harm a relationships like judging someone or want them to become like you and obviously lack of communication. We start judging a person then we expect that person to be like us and if lack of communication is there, relationship will get worse.  Then there are few things which make us unhappy including expectations from others, situation and then lastly our behavior. Through hypnosis a person can explore his or her mind and find out the cause, once cause is found the road towards healing gets simpler.”

Dr Dutta is a Faculty with the reputed ‘EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation’ and has conducted Professional Trainings in Clinical Hypnotherapy in places like Florida (USA), Muscat (Oman) and in various parts of India from Punjab to Pondicherry for people from all walks of life including Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Physicians, amongst others.

He also conducts workshops on Self Empowerment, Relationships Management, Dream Interpretation, Acupressure and customized workshops for students and Corporates.

Speaking about the past life regression, Dr Dutta says, “Continuing with the couple issues, there are many issues but the main thing which we come across is time trigger. There are couples who say that everything was going well before marriage and after marriage all of a sudden things took a turn and relationship became toxic. So, sometimes there are things related to past life; May be in past life, that couple didn’t share a good relation, so as soon as the marriage happens, something in the subconscious mind triggers those emotions and things get worse, we call it time trigger. But once we find the root cause, we can find a solution to those problems by providing therapy for past life regression.”

Dr Dutta has been practicing as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist after completing his training from the California Hypnosis Institute and has had the honor of working with many celebrities.

He has successfully treated a wide variety of cases like Asthma, Skin disorders, Relationship Issues, Fears, Phobias, De-Addictions and a plethora of other psycho somatic disorder at his center, Integrated Wellness Zone in Juhu, Mumbai.



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