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Usha Uthap: ‘A combo of tradition and modernity’

More than four decades ago, the night clubs in Chennai resonated with a melodious voice and that was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Indi-Pop music.

Let me describe her … ‘She is traditional, yet far off from being conservative. Clad in a saree, she sings western leg-shaking numbers and the trademark ‘Bindi’  is her specialty’, …  yes we are taking about none other than Indi-pop diva —  Usha Uthap.

Uthap has been singing for almost four decades now, and that too not in one or two, but 14 Indian and eight foreign languages. After lending her vocal chords for many films and a few thousand pop albums, she is fully content and unstoppable even at 67.

She is the legend bridging the East and the West. With her music and charisma, Usha Uthap has made a special place in the hearts of the audiences surpassing all the barriers. She has sung in almost all the Indian languages.

She has beautifully maintained the balance between her personal and professional life.  She has combined her profession and home, like no other celebrity. From being the first crooner at Trinacs, Kolkata to singing in Casino and from singing in movies, entertaining, writing lyrics to presenting live shows throughout the world, Usha Uthap has set many benchmarks.

Usha Uthap was recently in Sydney to perform at Whitlam leisure Centre, Liverpool in a combined event organised by  Sur Events , Chopra Productions , SWRG Events , Vinart Investments Pvt. Ltd  and Himalaya restaurant  and to the expectations of the people, she left the audience spellbound.

It was well organized event with people from different ethnicities as audience.

Dressed in a beautiful black saree, with a huge trademark bindi on her forehead, as she walked on the stage, she was welcomed whole heartedly by the audience.

She sang in different languages with many popular numbers from Fiji for the Fijian audience who were present in large numbers at the concert.

She is a complete entertainer, well versed   in creating an atmosphere for children and, surprisingly, even adults to sing along and dance to the toe-tapping beats. Keeping this in view, organizers marked a special area as a dance floor and unsurprisingly there were hundreds tapping their feet on her songs.

The unique quality of Usha is that get not only gets involved with the audience but also tries to involve them. As she sang, the audience followed her, thus making her performance more amusing.

She was here in Sydney for the second time, but the love and enthusiasm among the audience was even more.



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