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Prioritizing three pillars of wellness: Eat, Sleep, exercise, REPEAT!

Going back to the basics including food, sleep and exercise; is the key to better physical and mental health. Sufficient sleep, regular exercise and good nutrition, these three pillars of wellness can help you reach the pinnacle of health.

Good health or wellness doesn’t just happen. It takes commitment, hard work, practice, discipline and patience. Our body is comprised of various components, and we must use a holistic approach to take care of our overall health.

To my understanding I have created a “Health Triangle”. It is like Triangular table with three legs namely Food/Sleep/Exercise. Any of the leg is missing or broken will make this health table go down.

These three are equally important and have no sequence in priority. With the time we will deep dive into each of the components in our ongoing series focusing on various aspects of health.

Food I love to address first (work with human psychology) as human love to eat. Food is readily available now; all we have to do is get out our couch or bed and glide to the fridge. It is unlike olden days when food was scarce, you must hunt or gather and keep it safe from others. It used to be a hard work to keep your belly full. So there was time of FASTing and FEASTing.

Easy availability of food has given us option to eat even when we are not hungry. That is when all the trouble begins. So first, we must fix our food habits.

Exercise would be next – What is exercise typically?

Anything which takes mild to intense labor is an exercise. This is the only way we can keep our body using the consumed calories(energy) and work towards our longevity. This is one way to help our mind and body to stay active and healthy.

Sleep – This is time when our body rebuilds itself. Recent studies have proved the saying “SLEEP IS FOR THE DEAD” wrong. Sleep is essential for our rejuvenation, recovery and Longevity.

One simple example – 3 days of sleep deprivation can lead up to 15% drop in Testosterone production. Means Even if we have good Food and Exercise routines still, we will not develop optimally.


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Vik Singh Dogra
Vik Singh Dogra
CTNC – ITN USA, Adv. Diabetes Educator – Indo-Vietnam Medical board.


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