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Chants, Cheers and Roars welcomed Prime Minister, Modi at Allphones Arena

With the visit of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Sydney is all drenched in Modi fever.

The crazy crowd gathered in thousands to give appealing reception to the Prime Minister on his arrival in Sydney at Allphones Arena.

People expressed their love for the Prime Minister in their own ways.  The streets in Sydney were echoing throughout the day with the loud chants, cheers and roars of Modi – Modi , Namo -Namo and other slogans welcoming the Prime Minister.

Garba performances, dhol beats , people singing to the tunes of  Namo- Namo , cake cutting ceremonies  and other celebrations  added to the attraction.

Not only this, the crowd  at  Allphones Arena expressed their love by wearing  Modi T-Shirts.   It will be right to say that with the visit of Prime Minister after a gap of 28 years , Sydney was totally Modi + fied .

As Modi stepped on to the stage, after  the  Australian Ministers , Premier and other dignitaries, he was given a standing ovation and  the hall echoed with  slogans hailing Modi.

After the Australian and the Indian National Anthem , PM Modi  started his address in English by paying his respects to the original inhabitants of Australia – the aboriginals.

Modi then named Australians of Indian origin who have made their adopted nation proud.

“In 1964 Olympic games in Tokyo an Indian person represented Australia, that is  not a small thing,” said Modi.

Modi said he is fortunate to be the first PM to be born in Independent India.

“I may not have been able to die for the country’s freedom struggle, but I can certainly live for it,” he said to resounding cheers.

Chants of Modi, Modi interrupted his speech. Somebody from the audience  even shouted “Modi, you are a rock star”.

Further speaking about his visit to Sydney Modi said, “If you take a flight in the morning, you can reach Australia in the night, but it has taken the PM of a country 28 years to reach this country”.

“My friends in Australia I assure you…you won’t have to wait for 28 years”, added Modi .

Modi appreciated the beauty of Australia and said , “Sydney is a beautiful city. Australia is a beautiful country. We are also bound by the bond of cricket.  Neither India nor Australia can live without cricket .The rights of Australian Indians are the same as of those of Indians”.

Further boosting the strength of India Modi said , “India has over 125  crore population , so  Bharat maa  (India ) has 250 crore hands, of which 200 crore are less than 35 years. India is a young country and has a great potential  of growth”

“Look at the beauty of  our democracy. Was it not for democracy, I would not have been standing in front of you. I see no reason why our nation will not develop, it is fated that we will move forward. Being a young nation we have a  large scope of growth”, said Modi.

“I believe India has the capability to be at the top of the global league. India is full of young energy, who have dreams in their eyes and the capacity to write on stone”, said Modi.

Every single statement of the PM was interspersed with whistles, chants, cheers.

Modi further moved on to the Swachh Bharat Andolan.

“Indians abroad don’t dirty the streets, but when they return home they do”, he said.

Modi asked the audience to participate in the Swachh Bharat Andolan by helping the government to build toilets to ensure dignity for all.

Speaking on the dignity of labour,  that is fundamental to Australia Modi said, “ “It is something that Indians need to learn. Cleaning the streets is not below your dignity. It is a matter of pride that you are cleaning up your country”.

“In India, we call one who comes to collect garbage as a ‘kachrawala’. He is actually the ‘safaiwala”, pointed out the PM, indicating that clean India will attract tourism,”.

“Swachhch Bharat will boost tourism. A dirty environment causes illnesses and illness is a big burden on the poor. There is no greater service to the poor than focusing on cleanliness.

Speaking on the lack of banking facilities, toilets, drinking water… in India, Modi said  that still a large population of India  has no access to toilets so  we should collectively work on to provide basic facilities for all by helping the government to build toilets to ensure dignity for all”.

Speaking about the bureaucracy Modi said, “Nobody can say no to the PM, but there is a way to say no. The RBI tells me it will take three years to get banking facilities extended for all Indians. The PMO told me it will take one year. I heard everyone and I announced on Independence Day that banking facilities to all (the Jandhan Yojna) will happen in 150 days”.

“I got the work done and 6.02 crore bank accounts have been opened in 10 weeks. It’s possible to get things done with the same people, the same attitude, the same habits.  Rs 5000 crore has been deposited in these accounts,” said Modi.

“Believe in your people, guide them in the right direction, and they will run ahead of you,” added Modi.

Further speaking about the investment plans , Modi said , “Whenever someone wants to invest in a country the investors need to be given high quality of life”.

“In Gujarat, I wanted Japanese investment, but were told if you don’t have a golf course, Japanese won’t come. So we created a golf course,” said Modi.

About the Indian Railways PM said, “With a lot of courage we opted for 100% FDA in railways in India. Have such a huge market and window for improvement. Railways are stuck, no new kilometres have been added, no increase in speed has been made, no extra space for passengers. What increases is the number of passengers,” said Modi.

“I enjoy finishing laws, we need to let people live peacefully,” said Modi.

Modi asked the 16000-strong audience to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai and ends his 1 hour, 6 minute-long speech.

At the end of his hour-long address at Allphones Arena, Sydney to the Indian diaspora, Narendra Modi tweets, “Overwhelmed, honoured and humbled. Will never forget this day”.



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