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Ferry of death continues, no lessons learnt

No matter what your interests are, the tourist destinations in India are wide and varied. Its diverse and rich culture, its strong history and historical monuments draws thousands of tourists every year. Be it the northern, southern, eastern or western states of India, every place has its own significance and rich history, so the influx of the tourists remain throughout the India.

With the growing tourism, the Indian government as well as the state governments should make some special arrangements to cater the growing needs of the tourists, but lack of arrangements and sources at times portrays a very bad image of this nation in front of the tourists.

One of the recent failures on the part of Indian government and especially the Government of Tamil Nadu was the incident of January 26, 2014, where over 28 people lost their lives as a tourist boat was capsized in the Andaman Sea in Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
The boat which had a capacity of 25 people was carrying 46 people including tourists from Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu and Mumbai along with the crew members.

It is not first of its kind accidents in India.  There are so many previously recorded accidents where safety and security of commoners has been put on stake by the administration and the concerned authorities. Most unfortunately, such dreadful accidents end up with mere relief announcements for victims’ families by the concerned ministers.

Initiation of enquiries, fake promises of booking the culprits and assurances of   never allowing such mishaps to happen again in future, is some of the Indian administration pledges.

Vivekananda Rock located at the India’s southernmost tip is another most visited tourist spot.

Government of  Tamil Nadu has provided two tourist boats at Kanyakumari, which ferry thousands of pilgrims and tourists from 8 am in morning until 4pm in evening.

Both the boats are in bad shape. Rusted floors, good for nothing safety jackets and the overcrowded boats speak of the negligence of those at helm.

“It will never be a surprise if any mishap happens anytime. I could not believe that the government is so unconcerned about the precious lives of the travellers.  This place is mostly visited by the foreigners as it is one of the major tourist attractions, so the government should atleast bother about the safety of   those people,” said Mahesh Gupta, a visitor from Surat.

Most intriguingly, the spots have been visited by the most prominent among the authorities from the government every now and then. Despite charging tickets from the passengers, the authorities concerned have utterly failed to ensure any safety measures.

Working in a Delhi based multinational company, Zubina, who was in Kanyakumari to spend weekends said in surprise that she called off her plans to visit the famous rock.

“I bought the tickets but after beholding that wreck (she used for boat). I was left with no other option except for leaving the spot at once. I could not risk my life.  Of course I will be having the regret of missing the opportunity to reach the famous rock in the Sea,” she adds.

Data reveals that the tourist inflow to India from rest of the countries has been shrinking for past few years. India, best known for its pilgrimage tourism has been constantly losing the credibility in the field of tourism. Authorities concerned must shift the focus on this most crucial sector to preserve its image on this front.



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