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It’s ‘Jhappi time’ for Indians

It’s  Jhappi time !!! Yes, it is – ‘Jhappi  is all about sharing a warm, loving hug with those you care about the most – and where better for ‘Jhappi Time’ than Sydney and New South Wales?

Jhappi is a very common ‘Punjabi’ and ‘Hindi’ word which means a tight loving hug. This lingo has become a common household word in India because of its frequent usage in the Bollywood movies.

Keeping  that in mind, Destination NSW has chosen the theme ‘Jhappi Time’ to attract more Indians to visit their relatives in the state.

Yes, it’s the perfect opportunity for family and friends to reunite and soak up the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, great food and wine and stunning natural attractions with lots of fun along the way.

Unveiled on February 11 by Barry O’Farrell NSW Premier and George Souris, Minister for Tourism, Major events and Arts, four different advertisements are a part of this campaign with focus on families missing their loved ones and flying to Sydney for some ‘Jhappi time’ to meet their loved ones.

Sydney is the number one Australian destination for Indian travellers, with Regional .NSW growing in popularity among tourists from India.

Australian-Indian Bollywood director Anupam Sharma has directed the videos which will be promoted through different means including the billboards, digital media, social media and key travel publications. All these videos have been made on different concepts but with a unanimous motive to attract more and more Indian travellers to NSW.

In a pre-recorded video at the launch Anupam  Sharma said, “ It  was  quite challenging to communicate the warmth , the vibrancy , the affection  and  the attractiveness of the Jhappi  on screen  while  portraying it in  culturally sensitive manner” .Bollywood director Anupam Sharma has portrayed Sikh and Hindu families reuniting with their loved ones studying, working  and living in Sydney.

The first  ad video features a Sikh family in India who misses their daughter and plan to see her graduate in Sydney.  It brings an ecstatic smile on the mother’s face when her husband presents her with two tickets to Sydney for some ‘Jhappi time’.

The second video  is about an  Indian family who misses their daughter and son-in-law in Sydney. They plan their trip for ‘Jhappi Time’ and end up at Manly Beach.

The  third video shows a  young Indian couple who dream about visiting their friends in Sydney and the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. The girl wants to visit her friend in Sydney, and after being given the tickets by her boyfriend,  goes immediately to Sydney to spend some ‘Jhappi Time’ with her friend.

The  last  video is  about an Indian mother  who meets with friends to prepare traditional gifts for her daughter’s baby shower in Sydney.  She feels amazed when her husband comes and shows her tickets to  Sydney for some Jhappi time.

Set with stunning backdrops of places around Sydney and the Blue Mountains, the videos are both in English and Hindi, with subtitles when Hindi is spoken.

“I’m delighted to launch ‘Jhappi Time’ which in Hindi means ‘hug time’, a special time for family and friends to get together with loved ones,” said Premier Barry O’Farrell at the launch of this campaign.

“I’m pleased that the NSW Government has taken the tourism lead and is encouraging people from India to visit family and friends within NSW via a new, great marketing campaign,” he said  adding that “The ‘Jhappi Time’ campaign aims to build on the State’s reputation as the key destination for Indian travellers to Australia”.

“The NSW Government is committed to boosting the number of tourists visiting our shores because of its importance to growing the economy and improving jobs, especially for young people. India is one of the State’s most important tourism, trade and business investment markets, and ‘Jhappi Time’ will enhance tourism from India, which is currently worth an estimated $183 million a year to the NSW economy. Growing the tourism market is essential for jobs and investment in NSW and that’s why we’re doing so much to encourage people from India to come and visit our great State”.

George Souris, minister for tourism, major events and arts, in his address said, “More than 77,000 visitors arrived in NSW from India in the year to September 2013, accounting for 48 per cent of all visitors from India to Australia.

“More than 60 per cent of these tourists arrived in NSW for the very first time, 38 per cent were visiting family and friends, and almost 37 per cent had chosen this great State as their holiday destination of choice,” said Souris.

“It is  an innovative campaign featuring four stories of families from India enjoying time with family and friends in Sydney and NSW. Bollywood director Anupam Sharma has portrayed Sikh and Hindu families reuniting with loved ones in Sydney beautifully. The digital campaign will encourage visitors from India to enjoy the best NSW has to offer, whether it be our stunning harbour, sandy beaches or unique regional attractions”, added Souris.

“The extraordinary scenery is complemented with scenes of Bollywood dancing and music while promoting Sydney, which was recently ranked the world’s safest and friendliest city.”

Destination NSW CEO Sandra Chipchase said,” ‘Jhappi Time’ was an integrated campaign that supports industry partners and travel wholesalers to promote ‘Jhappi Time’ travel packages and airfare offers to Indian travel agents and visitors”.

“It is an opportunity for everyone  living and settled here to invite their  friends and family back home and to show them how they live, study,  enjoy  the  outdoors and the scenic beauty of this place”.

“Approximately 77,000 of the total 164,000 tourists to Australia from India came to NSW and spent around AUD 183 million  here. With ‘Jhappi time’ we  are expecting a  hike of  further 10 per cent. We have tried to add value by giving offers through various travel agents, through packages and affordable accommodation,” she says.

Many well  known members and actors from the Indian Community   are a part of this video campaign.    Few of the prominent faces include Aishveryaa Nidhi, Lucky Singh, Mala Mehta, Zenia Starr,  Balbir Singh and Dilip Rao.  Through the ads these Indian people will act as  cultural crusaders who will  take the message of ‘Jhappi’  back home.



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