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Abhinay’s talent win accolades at ‘Short+Sweet’ festival

Short+Sweet Sydney theatre festival is undoubtedly the largest festival of the 10 minute plays in the world. It has emerged as a power to present the clamouring voices which generally remain unheard and unattended. 

Short+Sweet distinct itself by providing a platform to the artists where in addition to humour and emotions  they can also highlight some  societal issues which need immediate attention of the public.

This year 170 short plays – chosen from more than 1200 entries from all over Australia and internationally were staged in the festival and showcased talent of 320 writers and directors and more than 450 actors.

Four plays of Abhinay School of Performing Arts Inc. were also involved in this festival.

Most critically acclaimed productions- “Oh India!”- written by Cindy Neilson and directed by Shourya Nidhi finished second in Judge’s Choice in Week 5 (Wildcards) and ‘Irish Stew’, written by Cary Pepper and directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi, got invited to be performed at People’s Choice Showcase (March 6 – 9, 2014).

‘Oh India!’ revolves around an intense plot where a young Australian woman decides to tour India and hires a rather charismatic tuktruk driver in Delhi to take her to the desired destination. The journey ends up far richer and more relevant than her intended destination.

Elaborating on the journey of the making, Cindy Neilson said, “I wish to formally acknowledge the wonderful support and guidance of Aishveryaa Nidhi and the Abinhay School of Performing Arts in producing and directing the play ‘Oh! India’. To have the involvement of such a prestigious arts institution is an unexpected privilege indeed”.

Whereas the other play ‘Irish Stew’- is a moving, inspiring and poignant story of Lauretta and Carton who getting on in years are losing their capability with language. It was years ago that these protagonists pledged not to rage against their short-term memory.

It is a wonderful search for Lauretta’s shoe that both have resolved to find given all odds about memory and agility. They do not lose patience and continue to move with resilience and much confidence to find what is apparently lost.

Irish Stew is an amusing play, giving a voice to an issue often suppressed by mainstream media, but so prevalent among our elder population.

Few reviews for Irish Stew

Reviews in Sydney Arts Guide:

Cary Pepper’s Irish Stew is on a similar theme, and is also sensitively told. Owain James and Ann Elbourne give two well judged performances as an elderly Irish couple already well into the ‘going dotty’ phase of their lives. They have psychologically prepared themselves for this time..at times they transverse the path well, at other times less successfully. Aishveryaa Nidhi directs well and keeps the piece tight and also conveys well the play’s gentle humour.

 Review by Ridwan Hassim’s (Multi award winning film maker)

Ridwan Hassim Irish Stew is wonderful, touching short play which has a very strong emotional core is tightly focussed on the characters journey and has a social conscience drivinh narrative that explores the human condition. Brilliantly acted and Directed. Highly recommend *****out of *****

Don’t miss the last opportunity to see these plays ..

Event Details: Short and Sweet Theatre, People’s Choice Showcase 

Where: King Street Theatre 

Timings: Thu–Sat 7:30pm, Sun at 5.15pm (four performances)



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