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Hello , It’s Holi !!!

Get drenched this Holi with colours of communal harmony at Darling Harbour.

Colours rejuvenate life, transform minds and elevate moods. And, when it is Holi, mere thought of splashing colours sends sensation and generates enthusiasm irrespective of limitations of age, sex and colour. It’s just the occasion for individual identities blended with colours to reflect oneness.

The festival, however, fascinates and enthralls the young hearts the most, filling them with joy and jubilation.

Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour is a mark that catches the fantasy of the Indian community along with others on the annual Holi Mahotsav. Hues of bright red, screaming pink, bright yellow, cozy purple, besides green, golden, magenta … these colors have the power to make anyone go crazy.

Holi Mahotsav, which is organized by the Bhartaiya Vidya Bhavan, plays an important role in showcasing Indian culture, tradition, heritage and achievement with music, dance, theatre, cinema, art and handicraft whilst promoting harmony and amity among people from all cultures.

The festival may have its own charm back home in India but it is nonetheless same for the Australia based Indians who celebrate this festival with same enthusiasm. The only difference being that it is celebrated to bid adieu to summers and welcome winters in Australia, reverse of what is in India. But never mind… it is the holiness behind the festival which keeps spirits high.

Assimilating everybody irrespective of their caste, color, creed, this festival has surpassed all the barriers of religion and region and has united the people and that is the reason that the participation in this festival is growing. Spectators from different nations, bemused   by the vibrant colors happily participate in the festival.

President of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Australia, Gambhir Watts said, “This is the 12th year of the celebration here. This is a perfect setting for showcasing different colors of India.   It will be a three days long festival staring on Friday, 21st of March. The first day is reserved for the Youth groups will perform different cultural programmes and spread the message of peace and harmony.  Many government public schools participate and showcase diverse music, dance or art forms. So, the first day will be a blend of activities”.

The Holi Mahotsav commences with Jagannath Rath yatra starting from Hyde Park, which passes through various city streets including Martin Place, Sydney CBD, Sydney Town Hall and finally culminates in the Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour.  ISKON temple organizes this Rathyatra every year.

Further informing about the festival Watts said, “Saturday, 22nd of March will be a spiritual day. There will be different meditation sessions, yoga sessions, bhajans and kirtans. Other cultural activities will also take place, but the main focus will be spiritual activities. Holi fire –Yagya will also be organized. Gayatri Parivar based in Haridwar will perform the Yagya with all the rituals and ceremonies”.

Food stalls are something which remain bee lined by the customers and not only the Indians but people from other nationalities too.  Food stalls will be there for two days from 22nd -23rd of March. People participating in the festival from other countries also cherish the Indian delicacies with love.

“Colours are an inseparable part of the Holi – so there will be colour throwing sessions on both 22nd and 22rd March from 12:00 – 4:30 PM. The colour throwing sessions are one of the main highlight of the festival and there is always a huge participation in it”, he says.

“Sunday, the last day of the Mohatsav will see a large number of cultural activities. The soulful cultural programs are the essence of this festival. Different dance forms including hip-hop, Chinese dance and potpourri of Bollywood will be some of the highlights of the Mahotsav. Couple of dance groups and bands too will showcase their talent. So it will be a day full of fun and entertainment for the people”, says Watts.

“One City Celebrates and ‘Did You Know Exhibition’ will be the other highlights of the Mahotsav”, he adds.

Be it the dance forms, the martial arts, the music, the food or the Indian things, there is much more than colors here which further boosts the mood of the crowd. So get ready for the three days celebration of Holi starting on 21st of March.



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